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Lauren winced as she took off her bra and sighed once she was free of it. She made a mental note to go out the next day and by a maternity bra- her breasts were steadily growing already in her 19th week of her pregnancy.

They were already heavier than she was used to, and just big enough to make her old B cup bras feel uncomfortable. It was to the point where she was ready to renounce bras all together, but some instinct in her warned that she may not feel that way in the later months to come, so she would keep wearing them.

She slipped her arms into her favorite pajama tee shirt and maneuvered it over her head. Soon, she wouldn't be able to wear this either, but she was determined that she would until her body literally forced her to buy something bigger.

Part of that was the fact that it hugged her body. It always had, but now it was even tighter, showing every new curve each new day brought. Not that she was very curvy yet, at least in terms of a pregnant woman, but her bulge was noticeable, especially to her friends and family. Even people at work were starting to comment that she was starting to actually look sort of pregnant, which was a nice way of saying she was starting to look fat.

This pregnancy was actually a blessing to Lauren. Her weight had always been a concern-she was just too thin, barely more than skin and bones. It didn't matter what she'd eaten or how much; her weight had always hovered just within pounds, almost twenty pounds under where a woman her age and height should be. It was tiring to constantly explain that she wasn't anorexic or bulimic, that she didn't have cancer or some sort of wasting disease, and she was also tired of that worried look her doctor had given her over the years.

Her doctor had continued to give her worried looks until she hit her 12th week or so. Finally, her body seemed to think fat was worth holding onto. She was still slender, and not gaining the normal amount of weight that a girl of her body type and stage of pregnancy would, but both of them were encouraged by the steady increase in the numbers. More recently though, Lauren had another fear about her weight.

She had officially entered her second trimester, but she hadn't felt the baby move. Her doctor had assured her that many women felt their first quickening later in their fourth or even fifth month, but Lauren was still afraid. What if the baby was too weak to move because she wasn't getting enough nourishment for it? What if she never felt it move because her skinny body had a miscarriage?

She thought about it so much that she was sure it wasn't healthy. It made her skin crawl and feel clammy, sometimes she got goose bumps and sometimes she wanted to cry uncontrollably. She was so afraid of losing this baby- they had tried three times before this and it had all ended in miscarriages.As a result, the outlet claims a full-term infant died because care was delayed until 45 weeks gestation. Whether this is a true story or myth is unclear as a Google search fails to clarify the account.

A Guardian article dating back to maintains an online resource for Ten Month Mamas had been made defunct then. The New York Times ran this reference at that time. There are a lot of public plays albeit via media platforms, advocacy organizations or the like, positioning childbirth as a debate.

Unfortunately, we have lost sight in the narrative of the main goal of such a uniquely dynamic physiological process: a healthy mother and healthy baby. The consideration throughout the entire perinatal experience is always, from a medical perspective, preserving the short- and long-term optimal health and well-being of the two patients involved who for much of the time are interconnected. Despite this, there is a segment of the population who desires to have less "medicalization" of labor and delivery.

This is manifesting in home births and water births 1for example, along with ill-conceived notions of delaying labor as long as possible and against medical advice. Complications can occur when beyond a certain point in gestation - and, this is variable for patients and the unique nature of clinical history, status and compounding factors.

For example, the baby can grow larger thereby imperiling delivery and restricting movement while the amniotic fluid diminishes as does placental reserve prompting a cascade of other problems - from minor to catastrophic. The aim of this study was to synthesize quantitatively the evidence on the effect of elective induction of labor at term on the risk of Cesarean section, and maternal and perinatal outcome.

Like many things in life, perfect timing yields the greatest dividends. There is a sweet spot. Maternal-fetal considerations involve a delicate dance integrated into an intricate series of decisions that cause a chain reaction of events - good, bad or indifferent. When a baby is delivered too prematurely, issues arise. When too late, the same can hold true.

The difference with birth and a lot of other aspects we manage navigating the world is that the stakes are much higher when falling short of achieving the previously stated goal of a healthy mother and child. So, knowing when to give a nudge like an induction or make the choice to step toward C-section or complex vaginal birth has consequences and determining the less risky path requires expertise and complete understanding of the clinical course at hand.

When situations are extreme, even with a perfect decision, there can be long-term disability or death. Thankfully, most births are happy endings. But, when labor turns bad, rapid interventions become essential as circumstances quickly become unpredictable.

And adding avoidable risk factors or unnecessary delays is like playing roulette with human lives. The right answer is a baby should be born in the mode and manner that respects the largest stakeholders, mother and infant, in a way that optimally promotes their short- and long-term health and well-being. Due to the extreme variability in confounding factors, how that looks will be distinct for the individuals involved.

After all, it wasn't that long ago when every birth carried tremendous risks for mother and child, modern medical advances have prevented a lot of harm. For better and worse, many people today have had the luxury of forgetting or never knowing this crucial point. View the discussion thread.

Skip to main content. By Jamie Wells, M.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words Sherlock was standing in the kitchen when it happened, hand resting on the top of his belly as he watched John cook, and the doctor turned with a concerned look on his face when he heard Sherlock's noise of surprise.

He turned to find the detective with both hands pressed against his stomach, a look of shock on his face. He was so persistent and his tenacity annoyed her. He was so clever and his innovation annoyed her. He wore his emotions on his face so openly and that annoyed her.

But what annoyed her more than anything was how much she noticed him. A series of short vignettes about Astrid and Hiccup. HTTYD2 spoilers. Since she was young, Valka had a whole world in her head, wide and wonderful. She wouldn't settle for anything less than seeing the whole world outside it too. Valka backstory - speculative.

Sam and Dean go off the grid to ensure their son is delivered safely. That doesn't mean it's not still quite a struggle for Sam or that Dean's going to get through it in one piece. Where Castiel is massively pregnant and can't find any peace or relief unless his Alpha mate Dean is within reach.

Dean had his entire delivery planned out to the minute, there wasn't a detail he had overlooked. What he didn't plan for was going into labor a month early while John was away on a hunt, and being trapped by a blizzard with only his brother to help deliver his child. All Sally-Ann wanted to do have her baby in peace,but life has never been that easy for her why start now.

AU from past the point where Sally Ann in the car with the bleach. A young man and his Beartic mate eagerly await the birth of their new litter. Sequel to "winter. They'd decided to stop in Lestallum a few weeks before Prompto's due date, hoping to give the boy some rest until the baby was born, but several weeks later they're still there and Prompto is starting to look a bit too overdue.

But he's sure nothing will go wrong with the birth, right? Your eyes were wide and filled with fear as his gloved fingers clawed tightly into the fabric of your shirt.Hey everyone! This is my first fanfiction, so reviews are very welcome and in fact encouraged.

I am looking for a beta for another story as well, so if you're interested message me. At nearly a week overdue with his and Harry's first child, everything about Draco's body ached.

From his neck and shoulders, tight from stress, to his back, pulled in a drastic curve to offset the weight in front, to his feet, whose arches were flattening because of aforementioned weight, Draco was willing to do nearly anything for a brief respite from the aches and pains of his pregnancy.

As their child kicked Draco painfully in the ribs, the very stressed man grunted and reached for his husband.

Do I have to be induced if my baby's overdue?

Draco shook his head tiredly. I absolutely cannot take another day of this. Something needs to be done. Harry laughed quietly. As Draco moaned in pleasure, he said, "That's not true, Harry. Think - the mediwitch told us not to have sex late in the pregnancy because…".

overdue birth deviantart

I can't sit up or take a piss without your help. And Merlin knows how much longer this kid is going to stay inside me if we don't do something. I see you're up for it," he chuckled, noticing Draco's hardening cock. Both of them, as it were," Harry replied, giving Draco's bulging stomach an affectionate pat.

Stuffing the last pillow comfortably in place, Harry summoned a small phial of lube from the bedside table and went to work preparing his husband. The feel of Harry's fingers rubbing against his opening made Draco's hardening cock rise fully, slapping against the base of his belly.

Draco moaned as Harry inserted first one finger, then two, and finally three, and nearly shouted in ecstasy as Harry crooked a finger and hit his prostate, sending an electrical jolt up his spine. Harry entered his husband gently, unhurriedly, with almost painful slowness. It took all of Draco's willpower not to rock back onto his husband, to have him as deeply inside him as he could.

Finally, Harry had buried himself totally inside his husband, and he paused for a moment, waiting for Draco's command. Starting slowly, and working up to a faster pace, Harry thrust into his husband, eliciting groans and shouts as he worked his husband into a frenzy. Finally, just as Harry felt he was on the cusp of orgasm, he reached up and whispered into Draco's ear: "Come. Harry, unknowing of the onset of labor, kissed Draco's neck as he pumped a few more times and finally came himself, and after what seemed like ages, he withdrew from his husband and curled up behind him.

Wincing uncomfortably, Draco reached for his husband's hand and squeezed it, bringing it to his rotund middle as another contraction shook his belly. Mungo's," he said, but a tug from his husband kept him from racing from the bed. It'll be hours yet — just wait a little longer. I love the feel of you right here, right next to me. Just lay with me for a little while.

Harry and Draco lay on the bed for some time before the contractions became pressing enough to merit grunts from Draco. Just as Harry was ready to leave his husband's side to grab Draco's hospital bag, a soft "pop" and rush of fluid signaled that Draco's birth canal had opened and that his waters had broken. Grasping his stomach as though trying to hold himself together, Draco motioned for Harry's assistance to rise, and his husband quickly but gently complied.

Harry reentered the room, hospital bag in tow, just as Draco was attempting to run a comb through his tousled hair. Finally, they made it to the fireplace, where Harry Floo-called the mediwitch.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. Sesshomaru has a problem he would like to keep secret and summons a wolf named Flame to help him.

When she arrives, she gets a lot more than she ever expected. Sarah was one week overdue with a massive belly. She and her wife Elise decided to go on one last adventure before the baby arrived, with unexpected results. Very steamy and suuuuper kinky! Meg has been working hard all semester to ace her final paper and finals.

Unfortunately, her overdue babies decide to make an untimely arrival. Archive Warning - graphic sex, graphic birth, masochistic humiliation, birth denial to a point. Ever since the first time a satyr knocked your ass up, you can't help but wonder just how many you can carry. Public Bookmark When do those eggs decide they want out?

During dinner, of course. When else? Includes fucking in front of adopted family and entire sect-in-law while nursing fresh babies. There is absolutely nothing sacred in this fic. Lan Wangji answered him with a growl, and barreled forward, his clawed feet tearing into the floor as he pushed Wei Wuxian backwards, off the table and onto his back.

No attention paid to the bloody fluids soaking into his robes, Lan Wangji locked lips with his mate and forced his legs open and back until his knees nearly touched his ears.

Ellen's Birth Story: Two Weeks Overdue

The nurses shuffled out of the way, and two reached for Lan Wangji, trying to pull him away so they could hand Wei Wuxian the warm eggs, which were already beginning to show cracks from the young within trying to hatch.

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Get an Invitation.It was always the Duchess of Sussex 's fervent wish to give birth naturally in the calm surroundings of her secluded Windsor home. But now a week overdue and with no sign of Baby Sussex's arrival, the year-old Duchess was last night facing the disappointing prospect of induced labour and a hospital birth.

Unless nature takes its course in the next 48 hours, it is now increasingly likely she will give birth at Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey, 15 miles from Frogmore Cottage.

The world is still waiting for news of the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan's first child, but the year-old Duchess pictured with Harry outside Westminster Abbey on March 11 was last night facing the disappointing prospect of induced labour and a hospital birth.

Induction is typically offered seven to ten days after the due date, although it can be left as late as two weeks if mother and baby are 'well and fit'. At that point, induction is imperative. Obstetrician Clive Spence-Jones, of the Whittington Hospital in North London, said: 'A recent study found that women over 36 should consider induction around their due date, as they are at higher risk. Once the Duchess has been induced — either physical manipulation or drugs to trigger contractions — there will be no chance of a home birth as that is against national guidelines, which also apply to private doctors and midwives.

overdue birth deviantart

Royal fans spent another day yesterday waiting patiently for news, but none was forthcoming — leaving a vacuum for social media gossip to go into overdrive, with some even speculating the baby had already been born. At Frogmore Cottage, the Duchess, who is with Prince Harry and her mother Doria, was said to be 'comfortable and happy' and 'getting plenty of fresh air in the garden'.

Sources say a nurse visited the home in the past week and, as The Mail on Sunday revealed last month, a female-led delivery team is on standby. Last month, the couple said they planned to keep arrangements for the birth of their baby private.

Devoted royals fans have already been arriving in Windsor ahead of the expected yet still unknown due date of Baby Sussex. Sources said they wanted to avoid the glare of publicity which surrounded the births of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's three children, when huge numbers of media and well-wishers gathered outside the Lindo Wing, the private maternity unit of St Mary's Hospital in West London.

Buckingham Palace will announce when the Duchess goes into labour, but not whether she has been admitted to hospital. A second announcement will be made after the baby is born, when aides expect to be able to reveal details of the baby's gender, birth weight and place of birth.

The news will be confirmed only after the new parents have had the chance to tell their family and friends. At Windsor yesterday, it was the world's media, not well-wishers, who were staked out on street corners anticipating the birth.

Underlining the uncertainty, two blue and pink banners pinned to the street railings below the castle read 'Congratulations on your baby boy' and 'Congratulations on your baby girl'.

But despite the sunny weather, there were only two well-wishers — John Loughrey, 64, who brought the banners, and his friend Caryll Foster, Mr Loughrey said: 'There's always been a build-up to the Royal birth but this time there's nothing — no flags and no people.

There's been no build-up because it's a very private affair. I miss the atmosphere. Bookies point towards Baby Sussex being a girl, with odds ofcompared to for a boy.

Among the most likely names are Diana for a girl and Arthur for a boy. Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Doctors warn overdue Meghan's natural birth dreams could be shattered e-mail 3. Most watched News videos Adorable moment toddler curls up next to 'best friend' boxer dog Boris Johnson teases plans on face coverings 'in the next few days' Nicola Sturgeon would not 'shy away' from quarantine on England Female BLM protester gets punched in face by male police supporter Beary cute: Moment family of bears play in garden in California Naya Rivera's dad dashes into lake in emotional search for actress Thugs stab driver with a pitchfork in horrifying attack Day Five: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard arrive at the High Court Kate Middleton jokes she feels like a 'constant feeding machine' Director of Public Health on vegetable farm COVID outbreak Amber Heard appears on episode of The Late Late Show Man pushes police officer down stairs during protest in London.

More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Skin rashes are a symptom of Covid One in 11 Covid patients break out in itchy blotches as scientists Blackburn is the 'next Leicester': Council limits number of people allowed to visit another household and Britain records more coronavirus deaths as daily fatalities continue to drop - but the average number of Boris Johnson's fiancee Carrie Symonds blasts Amazon for using too much plastic packaging as she reveals sheEvery year on June 12, I turn to my son and say, "Today should have been your birthday.

They were the longest days of my life. And so far he's 7I'm not over it. I remember his due date. I went to see the latest Batman movie with my husband and some friends from work none of whom had kids. One of my work buddies made me sit on the aisle "Just in case the baby comes. Of course, I didn't really think that would happen. But I did think my son's birth was imminent.

mpreg labor

The first couple of days past the due date ticked by. And I tried to act casual. Because everybody knows that only a tiny fraction of babies arrive on their due dates. Usually that's just an approximation. At the one-week-late date, my phone began to ring. Is the baby here yet? Just me. At this point, my friends and relatives were all happy to just gab with me on the phone about how huge I must be and how uncomfortable in this early summer heat and blah, blah, blah. I tried to keep my sense of humor.

On Day 9, my mother called. Was the baby here yet? Mom, really. Did you think I would have the baby and not tell you? I had already left work on maternity leave. I felt fine, even at this post-due date stage. But I was clearly making my mostly male newsroom workplace nervous by my enormous presence.

So when my editor volunteered to sign my medical absence paperwork early, I took pity on him and said yes. So now, I was sitting at home, huge and hot and late and waiting for my son to arrive.

overdue birth deviantart

I tried everything. I went for brisk walks. I ate spicy food. I did everything but lie naked out on the lawn in the moonlight -- a suggestion from one of my female coworkers.

overdue birth deviantart

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